Maccheroni al ferretto

The “ferretto” is an ancient and simple stick brass square section, useful for making an homemade pasta typical of the Calabrian tradition called fusilli or maccheroni. They are done manually with durum wheat, flour and water and are wrapped around a thin wire. When the pasta reaches the desired 6 cm length, the ferretto is then extacted and the pasta aligned on a lightly floured board, waiting to be cooked. Usually maccheroni (or fusilli) are dressed with a sauce of pork, veal or sausage.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4):
for each 100 g of semolina flour need approximately 100 ml of warm water with a pinch of salt.
For the sauce: 250 g sausages – 300 g funghi porcini – 425 g canned tomatoes – 1 chopped onion – 1 glass white wine – extra virgin olive oil – salt & pepper.

Mix the flour with a pinch of salt and form the classic fountain with a hole in the middle. Add water a little at a time, and dry out to a smooth and firm small dough. The quantity of water is quite indicative, depends greatly on how much it will absorb the flour you will be using, then pour it carefully. You’ll have enough dough is elastic, dry and hard. Divide it into strips and form tubes that are going to cut into cubes. Extend a cube of 2 cm at the center and insert the brass wire (ferretto).
Begin to roll the dough to the fret, so thin and stretch in this way, the maccheroni (or fusilli).
Remove the dough gently by the brass ferretto and place on a floured surface.
Continue until you ran out of ingredients.

Preparing the sauce:
Sautè the onions. Add the funghi porcini when they start to sizzle. The dried funghi porcini has to be soaked in tepid water at least half an hour before cooking, then drained & lightly squeezed to send away the remaining liquid. Cook for 5 minutes.
Take away the sausage meat from their casings. Sautè them along with the mushrooms & onions. When the meat turns brownish, add the white wine. Put the flame higher to make the alcohol evaporate. After the alcohol evaporates, add the tomato sauce. Let it boil. Put down the flame after it boils. Simmer for 30 minute. Make sure the sauce doesn’t dry out. When you see it drying out, add some water from the pot of water boiling meant for the pasta. Add salt & pepper.