Passatelli soup

Passatelli is a typical rustic pasta from Emilia Romagna, ideal to serve on a cool, winter day.
They looks like earthworms but with a great taste!

INGREDIENTS (dose for 4 persons):
120 g of grated Parimigiano Reggiano cheese,
120 g of breadcrumbs (white bread without crust),
3 eggs,
1 lemon,
Lt 1,2 meat broth.

Break the eggs in a bowl, grate upon them a bit of nutmeg, lemon rind and salt; beat everything
with a fork, add the grated Parmigiano cheese and bred.
Stir well, mixing the ingredients. After that the mixture should be a bit more solid than mashed
potatoes. If it was too soft, add some more grated bread, if too solid add some of broth.
Heat the broth, put the mixture in the press for passatelli. Close it screwing the lid and turn the press knob.
You’ll have many cylinders coming out to cut at the desidered length with a knife at the press base.
When the broth boils, drop them in the pot. As soon as passatelli surface after a few minutes, can be
served immediately, well hot with grated cheese.