The History of Bolognais also told through its historic shops: theAntica Aguzzeria del Cavallo was founded in 1783, almost three centuries of history that can still be breathed in the original furnishings.

Antica aguzzeria del cavallo shop

These credentials make up theAntica Aguzzeria del Cavallo the oldest workshop in Bologna, located in one of its most suggestive places: the "Mercato di Mezzo",which since the Middle Ages has kept its characteristics intact. Six generations of the same family have marked the many years, maintaining an activity that gave the company its name uninterrupted to this day. The name derives from the presence of a small nag that operated a system of grinding wheels to sharpen swords and knives. This tradition has been preserved over time and still today the service of sharpening blades of all kinds and the sale of cutting objects remains one of the cornerstones of its business, alongside the sector of selected household items and kitchen items. The flagship are the scissors for all uses and especially the knives in the most sought-after materials to be used for cooking, fishing and hunting. In the past, the sale of decoys has been maintained as an armory.

Antica Aguzzeria began its business with Raffaele Bernagozzi with the sale of rifles, knives and hunting and fishing accessories. The large window and the original sign testify to the long commercial and family tradition.