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Pasta guitar

Pasta guitar

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Spaghetti "alla guitar" (also called "tonnarelli" or "maccheroni alla guitar" in Abruzzo, "troccoli" in Puglia) is a variety of egg pasta typical of Italian cuisine. Spaghetti alla guitar are wide like tagliolini, but thicker and with a square section which goes well with rich seasonings and meat sauces (such as ragù). They owe their name to the instrument with which they are prepared the " guitar", the typical Abruzzo utensil with which this variety of pasta is made. A frame made of beech wood and stainless steel filaments, measuring 43x23 cm, equipped with a small rolling pin also made of beech wood.
Two sides for a double cut, for a more or less thick spaghetti.


For the pasta, aurochseed wheat semolina, eggs and a pinch of salt are used.

Once the pastry has been rolled out (5 mm thick), it is rolled onto a lightly floured rolling pin and rolled out onto the guitar.

Pass it with the small rolling pin supplied and press it hard so that the guitar threads penetrate the pastry, cutting it into spaghetti.

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