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OXO 4 L fridge container

OXO 4 L fridge container

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Square container, 4 L, in BPA free plastic from the American company OXO, useful for keeping food fresh in the refrigerator for as long as possible.

It is well known that 25% of the fruit and vegetables we buy are wasted: easily perishable foods rot quickly. In fact, these food products release ethylene gas which accelerates the ripening process. Furthermore, when a food product is placed in one of the drawers of your home refrigerator, the humidity created increases, causing it to rot.

With these containers you can extend the life of food products; in fact, these are containers equipped with an activated carbon filter (safe and non-toxic!) which absorbs the ethylene gas produced by food, thus slowing down the deterioration process of salad, vegetables and fruit and thus keeping them fresh for longer.
The raised green bin inside the container keeps food items away from the walls to promote air flow and circulation to help prevent rotting.

The containers are made in two other different shapes and capacities:

1.5 L 17.5x10.5x15 (perfect for small fruits);
4.7 L 33.5x16x14 (suitable for storing long vegetables such as carrots, courgettes).

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