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Iron for Apulian macaroni

Iron for Apulian macaroni

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The " ferretto " or "ferro" is an ancient and simple brass stick with a square section useful for making a typical variety of homemade pasta from the Apulian tradition called, depending on the area of ​​production, fusilli or macaroni al ferretto .

In the past, macaroni al ferretto was prepared manually by the women of the house on holidays to make the festive table more appetizing. The product was obtained by wrapping a thin sheet of dough, made with durum wheat semolina, flour and water, around a thin wire which was almost always nothing other than a knitting needle. After this operation, the ferretto with the pasta sheet was compressed by pressing it and rolling it on the pastry board to lengthen the macaroni. When this had reached a length of about 6 centimeters, the underwire was delicately extracted from the dough and the macaroni was aligned on a lightly floured surface awaiting cooking.

NBThe price of 12 euros is for one underwire only!

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