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Rolling pin for ravioli

Rolling pin for ravioli

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This particular beech wood rolling pin is useful for imprinting the shape of ravioli on your previously rolled out pastry . It does not cut the pastry, but leaves the imprint of the ravioli on the pastry which will then be cut with a pastry cutter .

SMALL 44 ravioli of 40 mm * 30 mm

LARGE 40 ravioli 42mm * 44mm


  • roll out the dough until you obtain a sheet of dough;
  • pass the ravioli rolling pin over the pastry, pressing lightly;
  • place the filling in the center of the rectangles thus formed;
  • cover with another sheet of pastry and roll over the ravioli rolling pin again, pressing firmly;
  • cut the edges of the ravioli with a sprue.

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