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Garganelli comb

Garganelli comb

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Garganell i (or macaroni al comb) is one of the most popular homemade egg pastas in Romagna. The name of this pasta comes from the tool with which the garganelli are made: a wooden frame.

To obtain the characteristic stripes, looms (called combs ) present at home for weaving hemp were originally used; later, small-sized ad hoc tools were perfected, made of wood to replicate the grooves of the comb, on which to drag and roll the pastry.
To prepare the garganelli, you need to cut small squares of egg puff pastry which you wrap around a wooden stick and then pass them diagonally over the comb, applying light pressure.

NB The combs are produced by the skilled hands of a local craftsman: each frame will therefore be different from each other.

Dimensions: 22x10cm.

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