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Recall for francolino

Recall for francolino

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Bird calls produced by Italian and German artisans, made with noble raw materials, worked by expert hands capable of creating quality instruments.
There is no electronics, but you participate in the sound produced expertly modulated with your own mouth and knowledge.
The bird calls are part of that last legacy of the shop when it specialized in the sale of hunting and fishing items.
The lure for the Francolino is a stainless steel wind instrument, similar to a small flute.
The Red Grouse ( Bonasa Betulina ) is a small bird associated with grassy clearings. The plumage of the male differs from that of the female by the evident black spot on the throat and the horizontal band on the tail. Much more widespread in Europe than in our peninsula, it has historically become extinct in much of the western Alps. Currently it can be spotted in a band between the provinces of Vercelli and Udine.
Product measurements: 6.5 cm x Ø 0.5 cm.
Weight: 4g.

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