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Capercaillie call

Capercaillie call

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There is no electronics, but you participate in the sound produced expertly modulated with your own mouth and knowledge.
The bird calls are part of that last legacy of the shop when it specialized in the sale of hunting and fishing items.

The capercaillie call is a wooden whistle.

The capercaillie ( Tetrao urogallus Linnaeus ) is certainly the largest galliformes present in our Alps.
The male is clearly distinguishable not only for his size but also for the dark grey-black color of his plumage.
The chin feathers, which form the characteristic "beard", very conspicuous when the animal is excited, are shiny black, while the chest is metallic green-blue. The beak, very robust, is light and tends to darken over the years. The sexual dimorphism is very marked: the female (hen), in addition to being smaller than the male, has much more modest and camouflage plumage.
The males' love songs begin in spring and continue until the end of May.

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