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Smooth 3cm anolini mould

Smooth 3cm anolini mould

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Brass pasta cutter for anolini with a diameter of 3 cm with a smooth edge, spring ejection and beech wood handle. Suitable for the preparation of anolini and cappelletti in broth with a smooth edge.

Anolini: stuffed egg pasta, similar to a round ravioli with a smooth edge, originating from the Piacenza area and parmesan;
Cappelletti: stuffed egg pasta which is obtained by cutting the pastry into circles, the filling in the centre, first folded in two into a triangle, and then joining the ends. Typical of the province of Reggio-Emilia or Marche;
Tortellini: stuffed egg pasta, originating from the province of Bologna and Modena. They differ from cappelletti due to the filling prepared with pork loin, mortadella from Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, egg and nutmeg.

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