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Corzetti mold

Corzetti mold

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Mold for Ligurian corzetti in brass and beech wood handle.

This tool cuts the pasta into disks of 5 cm in diameter and on which it simultaneously imprints a decoration that prepares it to better accommodate the sauce.
Corzetti or printed corsets are a traditional pasta from Ligurian cuisine made from wheat flour, water and salt. Small discs of dough, medallion-shaped, with a decoration on both sides obtained using a wooden or brass mold.
The word “corzetto” refers to both the wooden (or brass) mold and the pasta thus engraved. Once the pastry has been prepared, it is cut into disks on which the design is imprinted with the stencil.
Corzetti already appeared in the Middle Ages, but it was in the Renaissance era that this type of pasta became an instrument of affirmation for Ligurian noble families who ordered a type of pasta engraved with their coat of arms.

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