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Cut tips

Cut tips

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Puntarelle are a particular variety of chicory , the part of the sprouts, called Catalonia: a typical ingredient of Roman cuisine.

In Lazio, chicory are eaten raw, in salads, with a dressing prepared with anchovies, garlic, oil, lemon and salt. They are usually cut with a knife, forming strips, then immersed in water and ice to give them the typical curled shape.
Our tip cutter is a small square wooden frame, equipped with thin stainless steel wires, with a hole in the center through which the tip cutters are passed to cut them more quickly and precisely.


First tip: equip yourself with a tip cutter: an indispensable tool to facilitate cutting Lazio vegetables, without having to use a knife (much more tiring and slow)

Second tip: you need to buy a head with long, empty tips! They are sweeter and similar to Roman ones. Only this variety, once immersed in ice water, will take on its typical wavy appearance!
Third tip: once cut into strips, immerse them in water and ice, you will see what magic!

1) buy a head with tips, possibly long and empty;
2) detach each shoot (puntarella) from the head;
3) clean each tip, eliminating the terminal part of the stem (harder and woodier);
4) pass the cleaned chicory from the stem, exerting light pressure on the chicory cutter, from the riveted part (never the other way around, to avoid straining the rivets fixing the steel wires!) without going beyond the green top;
5) leave the previously cut chicory tops to soak in plenty of water and ice for at least an hour;
6) prepare an emulsion with garlic, olive oil, lemon, some anchovy fillets and salt;
7) season the chicory.

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