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Bread cutter, round

Bread cutter, round

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Baker 's knife is a wooden holder for a razor blade, used to score homemade bread.
It is a small knife useful for making those characteristic incisions made on the surface of the dough still to be cooked. With this cutter you can engrave your favorite designs on your bread, to give the baked bread its originality and elegance.
With the engravings, which in English are called scoring bread , you can have fun creating real works of art every time. These today replace the classic cross cut, a symbol, in ancient times, of religious worship for a prosperous and successful leavening. The incisions also allow correct development when baking bread.

These knives and their handles are handmade objects, unique pieces, turned by the expert hands of a wood artist: Mauro Sarti . The artist used boxwood, rosewood and cocobolo for these works.
The disposable blades, when at rest, are hidden inside the handle, in a special slot.
To extract the blade, simply unscrew the brass knob (etched, so as to provide protection against oxidation as well as improve its appearance) and fix it, tightening the knob, once it has come out of its seat.
To replace the blades, simply unscrew the knob completely and insert the new one.

NB the handle is made of European boxwood.

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