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Tajine Wald

Tajine Wald

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The term Tajine refers to the stewed meat or fish dish typical of Maghreb cuisine which takes its name from the characteristic pan in which it is cooked.

Perfect cooking tool not only for exotic recipes, but also for the preparation of everyday dishes, which require slow and gentle cooking.
The characteristic cone shape of its lid serves to return condensed steam to the food during cooking, enriching it with its own enchanting odors.

Wald pots made of “ terrasana ”, a very high quality flame clay fired at high temperatures. An innovative product for a healthy cooking system with the guarantee that distinguishes these items.
Only high quality natural components for a safe product that does not contain cadmium, lead or nickel.
Clay pots that do not absorb odors and liquids.
The heat distributes evenly and the steam that is generated inside the pan creates the right level of humidity, cooking each food gently and keeping the flavor and organoleptic properties of the food intact.
Food cooks perfectly with low heat and considerable energy savings.

NB Also available in ecru colors with black base.

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