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Vaia Cube

Vaia Cube

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Vaia Cube is not just an amplifier , but a philosophy: when you choose to buy Vaia, you are not just purchasing a simple object, but a piece of a forest which, thanks to this purchase, can be reborn!
The project is to recover the trees uprooted by storm Vaia , a devastating cyclone that hit the Alps in 2018, irreversibly changing the Dolomite landscape as it passed.

Vaia Cube is a passive speaker that produces warm and deep sounds. Its spontaneous amplification characteristic is given by the spruce, famous because it is used by luthiers to build stringed instruments.
Just place your smartphone on the case and you're done.
Vaia Cube is an element of authentic design, no piece is the same as another because each blow of the ax given by the craftsman engraves a cut that follows the natural grain of the wood, thus recalling the wound of the forest.

Its production is local, only with carpenters who use fallen trees and which guarantee us high quality standards.

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